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Need a Sales Effectiveness Program?

To enable a fast, proactive change required for today’s pace of business a sales organization needs sales effectiveness programs. In order to have a sales effectiveness program you need to equip sales people and sales channel with the right sales enablement strategy, tools, and processes.

Steps we follow:

I)     Establish Sales Strategic Objectives

II)    Diagnose sales organization; area of diagnoses:

  1. Client Info, Channel Partner info (CRM, channel partner portal, channel partner program, segmentation, territory planning and coverage, reports for sales activity)
  2. Targeting and Commissioning (aligning target and strategic objectives, market potential vs target, target vs sales competencies, cascaded targets, motivators)
  3. Evaluate sales activities through territory coverage, pipe-line, no of visit, time audit, account plans, sales meetings,
  4. Sales Competencies: identify and evaluate sales competencies, Products: Training plan, tools, Feedback (product file, price strategy, market data mining)

III)   Sales Effectiveness Plan: design the action plan according to information above

IV)   Roll Out

  1.  training
  2. coaching
  3. target and commissioning procedure: implementation and measurement
  4. Sales Tools
  5. KPI
  6. recruiting

Need business coaching for your sales force?

If you have your own sales force and you want to improve their sales competences and brake barriers, we can provide one-to-one business coaching sessions. The main role is to identify the development areas, to accelerate the learning and the development process in order to achieve the sales objectives.

For new employees, we can develop and implement induction plan with specific objectives (quantitative and qualitative).

We can provide tools for your sales manager – Coach the Coach.

For your experienced sales reps, we can identify new area of development and work with them in order to boost their sales performance.

Main objective:

A. Establish and evaluate KPIs, observe performance, review progress

B. Jointly set targets, develop a plan, agree on tangible behavioral changes

C. Coaching session: analyze performance, looking for barriers, reinforce goals and action plan, role play solutions

D. Reward strong performance, manage the under-performance


Need Someone to Manage Your Sales Team?

Accelera Consulting has sales executive able to:

  1. Temporarily or permanently manage your sales team.
  2. Partner experienced members of their outsourced sales force to correct under-performing sales teams or individual performers.
  3. Take your sales force to the next level.


Need a Team of Sales Experts?

Consider Accelera Consulting an outsourced sales force and consultant experienced to:

  1. Sell your products and services.
  2. Focus on specific markets/products/customers that are currently being under served.
  3. Support your brand in the marketplace.
  4. Improve your sales team effectiveness.

Do You Have a Marketing Strategy?

Accelera Consulting understands that sales and marketing go hand-in-hand. Without the proper marketing strategy, tools and support, driving sales can be difficult. Do you:

  1. Need marketing support materials that reflect your brand image, company voice and unique value proposition?
  2. Require research to explore new markets or launch a new product line?
  3. Look for a marketing strategy according with your sales plan for a coordinated, effective effort?

Accelera Consulting can provide the expertise you need to develop successful industrial or B2B marketing solutions.


Need support for improving your pricing strategy?

Whether you are struggling to reach break-even or are already performing well, we can increase the value of your company through the proper pricing strategy.

Main focus through pricing: adding price revenue to products and services, eliminate the pricing revenue “leaks” that drain your bottom line, strategic prices initiatives that find opportunities to increase prices, adjust the discount policy and correct pricing errors.

Accelera Consulting provides what is need it to create a strategic plan to market development, so you can effectively:

  1. Sell New Products
  2. Sell to small accounts (interested in 1-7 million Ron in new found sales revenue?)
  3. Develop new accounts (it’s different than selling to existing customers)
  4. Strategic Account Management
  5. Fill Your Sales Pipeline
  6. Research Your Target Markets
  7. Communicate Your Marketing Message:
  8. Marketing Vehicles: direct mail, newsletters, advertising



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