Training, recruiting, coaching and consulting are our expertise. To bring out the best in people is our vision. By challenging people’s behavior we boost performance.


Each program is fully adapted to your industry, your needs and objectives.

We start every project with a deep understanding of your current situation and close it with a post delivery phase to make sure new competencies are translated into the desired behaviors.

Programs we deliver:

  1. From Cold Calling to Smart Calling – Leads Generation
  2. Telesales
  3. Customer Service
  4. Sales
  5. Sales Management
  6. Team effectiveness
  7. Innovation Day


We rely on our business experience and constantly innovate the way we work to find best matches for your team.

We recruited management, sales, product management, support and technical positions for IT&C, Financial Services, Automotive and Industrial sectors.


Through our coaching programs we boost performance within your team by accelerating the learning and the development process.


Our Sales Effectiveness program enables the fast proactive change required for today’s pace of business and equips your sales people and sales channel with the right sales strategy, tools, and processes.

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